Ring Door Bell

Ring door bells have evolved in the past couple of years. Nowadays, there are nifty wireless ring door bells meaning that you do not have to hardwire while others have video cameras for extra security. Moreover, ring door bells can connect to Wi-Fi to provide added security with microphones and built-in cameras.



Most of ring door bells come with the following features:

1. Mobile access

Download an application to your smartphone, and you’ll have the ability to communicate with a person standing in front of your door.

2. Motion detection

Ring door bells come equipped with built-in motion sensors that inform you when somebody is trying to access your property.

3. Two-way audio

One of the best things about ring door bells is their audio capabilities. In addition to seeing your visitors, you can speak with them through the Ring application.

4. HD Camera

Some ring door bells come with a HD camera that allows you to see any visitor through the application so that you are aware of who is at your door and what they want. Besides, some of ring door bells have the night vision feature that allows someone to see at night.


Ring doorbells come with an internal battery, which enables it to power itself without solely relying on the existing wiring. If you forgo the installation and use the battery to run the ring doorbell, you will need to ensure that you recharge it after a few months.


Unlike other technologies and devices, some ring doorbells have applications that are compatible with all devices. The account can be accessed via the Ring website or the application that is compatible on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. Each application has notification abilities, so you are notified when someone rings the doorbell, or when your ring doorbell detects motion.

Get Most Out of Your Ring Door Bell

While the ring doorbell might seem like a basic device, there are some tweaks and tricks that you are not aware of.

Sharing access with others

If you are living in the same building with other people, it is recommendable that they also know who is at the doorbell and when. Select “Shared Users” in the application so that you can invite others to have access to your Ring Doorbell. They will need to create a Ring account, but it is an easy and quick process.

Adjust Motion Sensitivity

Whereas the doorbell alerts you when the button is pressed, it also alerts you when motion is detected whether the visitor rings the doorbell or not. This is a great feature especially for UPS drivers or mailmen who forget to ring your doorbell after dropping off a package.

To tweak the motion detection sensitivity, go to the application and click Ring Doorbell. Go to Motion Settings and Click on Zones and Ranges. From there, adjust the motion sensitivity for different zones like right, center, and left.